We are waiting to hear back from Envision for the details and the total cost, but the cost will be comprised of a small charge from Evision, lunch ($10), gas ($10), and background check if we do not have one on file for you already ($22).

  • Anyone under 18 does not need a background check. 
  • Anyone serving with RK/Security, has one on file already. 
  • We will not collect any money (as a church) except for background checks.
  • There is no minimum age to attend so long as the parent(s) also attend. To attend without a parent, they would need to be in 6th grade or higher and we will need to to get a permission form for them.
  • We will need to have numbers finalized by 2/21 to send to the envision team.

Proposed Itenerary 
7:00am Leave Augusta 
9:20 Envision AM Serve
12:00 Lunch at local resturant 
1:00 Envision PM Serve
4:00 Debrief and send off